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Video Tips on How to Have a #RealConvo About Mental Health

16 May 2019 — 1 min read


Doreen Marshall, Ph.D.

What are the risk factors for suicide in rural Chinese elderly?

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ve been encouraging people to have a #RealConvo about mental health. To help make it easy, AFSP’s Vice President of Programs, Dr. Doreen Marshall, recorded a series of videos providing guidance on topics including:

  • How to broach the subject and start a #RealConvo with someone
  • What to say to a person you think may be struggling
  • How you can respond to someone who is having suicidal thoughts
  • Language you can use to let friends know you’re struggling
  • And much more!

Short and easy-to-understand, the videos will give you plenty of down-to-earth, practical tips on how you can have a #RealConvo about mental health with the people in your life.

Don’t’ forget to share on social media — and be sure to tag @afspnational, using the hashtag #RealConvo!

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