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We Asked, You Answered: How Do You Support Minority Mental Health Awareness Month?

July 1, 2023 – 1 min read


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In 2008, July was declared Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Each year since then, the month of July acknowledges the need for improved access to culturally competent mental health services, and shines a spotlight on the unique struggles concerning mental health among racial and ethnic groups who often experience unjust treatment.

We recently asked on social media, "How do you support mental health and suicide prevention among racial or ethnic groups that experience unjust treatment? Or, if you're a member of a racial or ethnic group that experiences unjust treatment, what helps when you’re having a tough time with mental health?"

Here's what you had to say:

"When minorities seek help and explain what they're going through, they tend to be dismissed. This, unfortunately, is a common occurrence that must be addressed. It's important to turn to people who can not only empathize with you and validate your experiences, but can also provide you with the tools you need to better manage your mental health."

"By educating my Latino community about the importance of mental health while bringing to light the cultural stigmas that have existed for generations."

"It's great to be bi-racial! We're sometimes alienated from our racial groups because we don't fit the mold."

"I share my story of survival and I participate with others. We collaborate and talk about how we survive depression."

"Listen, offer reassurance, stay calm, be patient, try not to make assumptions, and keep social contact."

"Work to understand how the stigma impacts their communities and resistance to seek help."

"Listening to my clients and learning from their perspective so I can be better informed ❤️"

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