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What Are Your Favorite #RealConvo Tips?

3 May 2019 — 1 min read



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May 3, 2019 - As part of our #RealConvo campaign for Mental Health Awareness Month, we asked our followers on Instagram to share their favorite strategies for having an open, honest conversation about mental health.

Below are just a few of the truly wonderful suggestions that we received from you, our community.

    • “Validate the [other person’s] feelings before trying to fix the problem.”
    • “Be present.”
    • “Cry. It’s okay to let everything go and embrace what you are feeling.”
    • “Check in with those you care about.”
    • “The more we talk about things the less it will feel taboo.”
    • “Take the person seriously. Don’t say ‘you’re just having a bad day’ or ‘I’m sure it’s ok.’”
    • “Be open, listen and show that you genuinely care.”
    • “Don’t judge.”
    • “Reach out when you are thinking of someone and let them know you care.”
    • “Check in on your strong friends.”
    • “Make them feel comfortable.”
    • “Keep your mind and your ears open. Don’t advise. Listen. Just listen.”
    • Seize the Awkward and just start the conversation!”

    This is just a small sample of the amazing suggestions we received over the past 24 hours — if we tried to include them all, this blog post would be never-ending. We want to express a sincere thank you to our wonderful social media community for all of their contributions. Through each day and with each post, you are creating a culture that’s smart about mental health, and highlighting the power of having a #RealConvo.

    To continue the conversation, and check out some of the other amazing things we’re doing for Mental Health Awareness Month this May, head to!

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