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Stories about Interactive Screening Program

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Physicians and residents use ISP’s online self-assessment tool to screen for stress, depression and other mental health concerns, and counselors personally respond to address their specific concerns, provide counseling and share mental health resources.

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Connecting Physicians With Confidential Screenings Through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Interactive Screening Program

In February 2020, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention launched a customized version of AFSP’s Interactive Screening Program (ISP) in collaboration with the Tennessee Medical Foundation (TMF) to be used by licensed health professionals served by the TMF’s Physician’s Health Program.

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Bringing the Interactive Screening Program to South Carolina

As an adult, working as a social worker in a mental health setting, I lost a colleague to suicide. It made me realize that suicide can affect anyone – even a mental health provider may struggle.

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Researcher Dr. Jodi Frey on the Benefits of AFSP’s Interactive Screening Program

Suicide prevention researcher Dr. Jodi Frey talks about the benefits of the Interactive Screening Program.

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Connecting Film Students to Mental Health Support

The flyers, emails, and discussions precipitated by our school’s use of ISP send an important message: “Talk about your mental health! Get help, no matter what the issue.”

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Creating a Culture of Wellbeing and Respect: Supportive Workplaces and Our Mental Health

Promoting mental health in the workplace is one of the most important steps an employer can take to improve an organization’s culture.

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Turning Research into Solutions: College Students and Mental Health

Through ISP, over 160,000 individuals have connected with a mental health professional.

Help officers connect to mental health services

AFSP Helps Fargo Police, Cass County Sheriff’s Office Take Steps to Stop Suicide among Their Ranks

ISP utilizes an online platform that allows participants to anonymously take a questionnaire for stress and depression.

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Bringing Suicide Prevention to a School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Gallaudet is committed to continuing the work of promoting mental health and suicide prevention on our campus, and we’re so glad to partner with AFSP – and the Interactive Screening program – to help us do it.