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Tagged: Real Stories

Fighting Loneliness Through Connection

2017 was a tough year for me. My heart had been broken. I was plagued by a medical issue throughout a good portion of the year. The new job I thought was going to be lucrative wasn’t.

By Erica McBeth

Reclaiming Laughter After Suicide Loss

After my husband Victor died by suicide, I thought I would never laugh again. I mean, why would I? Death is devastating. My partner for 30 years was gone. That’s bad enough but the type of loss – suicide – felt like it had doubled that devastation.

By Sarah Miller

I Walk Because My Life is Worth Living

I walk because suicide prevention matters to me and isn’t spoken about enough. No one should suffer alone or in silence. I walk because my passion in life is to share my experiences in hopes that they can help someone else.

By Corinne McDonnell