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Grieving a Suicide Loss: Eight Things I Know For Sure

If you are reading this, you may be someone who had to steady yourself for the sudden and unexpected changes to your world that occurred as a result of the suicide of a loved one. You may not know where to start or whether you are experiencing all of the emotions connected to suicide grief.

By Doreen Marshall, Ph.D., AFSP Vice President of Mission Engagement

Mental Health and the Military: Asking for Help When You Need It

I am a survivor of suicide loss, having lost a first cousin, a second cousin, and an Air Force son to suicide.  I am also a survivor of suicide ideation.

By Jon Ganues, Survivor Care Team Associate, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)

The Evolution of College Mental Health

The transition to college led me to seek help. It had recently become clear to me that I had anxiety, and this was only emphasized by my moving away from home, friends, and familiarity. I recognized that mental health is a constant in everyone’s life: something I must take the time to acknowledge and attend to.

By Celia Zevon