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Stories about Sibling Loss

The author, Meg Kissinger, wearing a scarf and dark green jacket. She is smiling and standing in front of a lake with coniferous trees along the shoreline.

If Anyone Asks, This Was an Accident: Why We Have to Talk Openly About Suicide

If we are going to cut down on the alarming number of suicides, we need to let our friends and families talk about their suicidal thoughts without making them feel ashamed. We have to figure out a way to have these painful conversations, regardless of how frightened or hurt we may be to hear them.

The author, Jonathan Friedman, with his brothers. His brother Gregg is on his right.

Five Lessons I've Learned About Navigating Grief and Mental Health As a Man

I have lost multiple loved ones to suicide, and while I have never contemplated suicide myself, I have had my own challenges with mental health. My goal in sharing this essay is to offer some hard-earned wisdom to men experiencing mental health challenges.

The author, Lisa Matway, smiling at a Chapter Leadership Conference.

A Program a Day in May: Bringing Suicide Prevention Efforts to Our Local Community

With A Program a Day in May, our goal was to reduce the stigma and myths surrounding mental health by educating our communities. We partnered with school districts, community organizations, and individuals seeking to become smarter about mental health and suicide prevention.