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Are you in a crisis? Call or text 988 or text TALK to 741741

¿Estás en una crisis? Llama o envía un mensaje de texto al 988 o envía un mensaje de texto con AYUDA al 741741

Volunteers at Albuquerque walk posing with HOPE sign.

AFSP New Mexico

The work we do focuses on eliminating the loss of life from suicide by delivering innovative prevention programs, educating the public, raising funds for suicide research and programs, and reaching out to those who have lost someone to suicide.

About the AFSP New Mexico Chapter

The New Mexico chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, resources, and support to individuals and families affected by suicide. With a mission to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide, the New Mexico AFSP chapter offers a wide range of outreach opportunities, including community walks, survivor support resources, and educational programs for schools and workplaces. Through their advocacy efforts, the chapter also works to raise awareness and promote policies that support suicide prevention and mental health. With a passionate and dedicated team of volunteers and staff, the New Mexico chapter of the AFSP is committed to creating a world where suicide is preventable and mental health is a top priority.

Volunteer for the New Mexico Chapter

Interested in getting more involved? There are so many ways you can support the New Mexico Chapter! The first step is attending one of our Volunteer 101 presentations. These presentations are offered every other month and provide participants with a general overview of the organization and New Mexico chapter as well as available volunteer opportunities. Check out our chapter calendar for the next upcoming opportunity. 

Request Programming

Interested in scheduling a free prevention program in your community? We have a variety of free or low-cost programs for all age groups. Fill out the this form, and we'll be in touch. 

Interested in attending one of our programs? Check out our chapter calendar to see what programs are happening in your area.

Request Printed Materials

Do you or someone you know need printed resources? Fill out this form to let us know! We can mail you printed resources tailored to your needs. We can also send larger quantities of resources to businesses, organizations, and schools to distribute. Resources are mailed at the end of every month.

Attend an Event

We host fundraising and educational events year round! Check out our chapter calendar for more details or to register for an upcoming event near you.

Donate to the Chapter

We’re doing all we can to help prevent suicide and save lives here in New Mexico – but we cand do it without you! You can make a one time OR reoccurring donation to the New Mexico Chapter through our Circle of Hope Page. Through the support of our community, life-saving strategies and programs will be brought to local New Mexico communities so we can one day build a world without suicide. 

Our Mailing Address:

AFSP New Mexico Chapter
PO Box 4952
Mesa, AZ 85211

If you are mailing a check for a donation or a memorial gift and would like the donation credited to the New Mexico Chapter, please send a note expressing your wish ("Please credit this donation to the NM Chapter"). If a memorial gift please also include the name of the deceased and the Family Name/Family Address for an acknowledgment note.

Click here for our Financial Information.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Join Givebacks via mobile or desktop and support AFSP while you shop at all of your favorite places!
  • Enroll in the Smiths Inspiring Donations Program and help us earn money when you shop! (Once you've logged into your Smith's Food & Drug account you can search for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, NM either by name or Nonprofit number DW121 and then click Enroll.) 
  • Sign up for Matching Gifts from your company! Click here to see if your employer will match your donations. 
  • Host a Third Party Fundraiser to benefit the New Mexico Chapter. 
  • Follow our chapter on Facebook and Instagram

Chapter contact

Cori Reese
Executive Director, Arizona & New Mexico
[email protected]
(480) 262-1746
Gina Gillis
Special Event Manager, Arizona & New Mexico
[email protected]
(520) 367-7905

Upcoming events and activities

  • Albuquerque Walk

    Learn more
  • Las Cruces Walk

    Learn more
  • Looking for even more? See all AFSP virtual programs across the country.

    Learn more
African American boy at desk in school

More Than Sad

More Than Sad has taught over a million students and educators how to be smarter about mental health.

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It’s Real

It’s Real is a documentary featuring the stories of six college students from across the country.

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Talk Saves Lives™

Talk Saves Lives: An Introduction to Suicide Prevention is a community-based presentation that covers the general scope of suicide, the research on prevention, and what people can do to fight suicide.

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