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AFSP North Carolina

The work we do focuses on eliminating the loss of life from suicide by: delivering innovative prevention programs, educating the public, raising funds for suicide research and programs, and reaching out to those who have lost someone to suicide.

About the AFSP North Carolina Chapter

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is a grassroots non-profit, run 99% by our passionate and driven Volunteers like you. Our work focuses on eliminating the loss of life from suicide by delivering innovative prevention programs, educating the public about risk factors & warning signs, raising funds for suicide research and programs, and reaching out to those individuals who have been affected by suicide.

As a part of AFSP’s nationwide network of chapters, we bring together people from all backgrounds who want to prevent suicide in our communities. Our chapter is energized by the families and friends who've lost someone to suicide, by those with Lived Experience, by mental health professionals, clergy, educators, students, community/business leaders, and many others..

Here are some quick links to help you make a difference in your community:

  • Join us this fall as we walk Out of the Darkness - learn more about our Out of the Darkness Community Walks and locate a walk near you.
  • Volunteer with us - please connect with us by completing a Volunteer Form
  • Bring our programs to your community - Virtual programs now available as well. You must be willing to assist your local staff person to manage this program/event locally. - please complete a Program Request Form
  • Send a Donation or a Memorial Gift to our Chapter - If you are mailing a check for a donation or a memorial gift and would like the donation credited to the North Carolina Chapter, please send a note expressing your wish ("Please credit this donation to the NC Chapter"). If a memorial gift please also include the name of the deceased and the Family Name/Family Address for an acknowledgment note. Make checks to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, then MAIL TO: AFSP-North Carolina Chapter / 8311 Brier Creek Pkwy.  Suite 105-430 / Raleigh, NC 27617

In NC, we saw a historic drop in the number of suicides between 2018 and 2019. In 2018, we lost 1,498 and in 2019, we lost 1,367. This translates to 131 lives that were saved. But, we own't stop until that number is zero. This would not be possible without our hardworking volunteers. Please join us as we continue to work to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide.

Thank you for being a champion in the fight to #StopSuicide.

Chapter contact:

Catherine English
Area Director, NC

Upcoming events

National Suicide Prevention Week

People have become increasingly comfortable talking about their mental health, particularly this past year. But the topic of suicide – when it comes up – is still scary for many people to think about. It’s time to deepen the conversation.

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Supporting diverse communities

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month in July is recognized nationwide to bring understanding of the mental health needs and experiences within BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities, and others who face disproportionate inequities in care, support or mental health services in this country.

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Suicide prevention resources

Find resources for suicide prevention for your or someone you know.

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Talk Saves Lives TM

Talk Saves Lives: An Introduction to Suicide Prevention is a community-based presentation that covers the general scope of suicide, the research on prevention, and what people can do to fight suicide.

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It’s Real

It’s Real is a documentary featuring the stories of six college students from across the country.

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More Than Sad

More Than Sad has taught over a million students and educators how to be smarter about mental health.

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