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Tagged: Depression

My Experience Going to the Emergency Room

While inpatient hospitalization can be scary, it’s also life-saving. I have been in this type of treatment several times after going to the ER and being evaluated. Each time has been different, but each time I learned something valuable.

By Alyse Ruriani

What We Can All Do About Maternal Suicide

When Robin learned she was pregnant, she and her partner were ecstatic. They chatted about names, discussed colors for the baby’s room, and planned maternity photos.

By Adrienne Griffen, Executive Director at Maternal Mental Health Leadership AllianceAmy Stuart, contributing author, Postpartum Support International

Why I Draw Comics About My Depression

Around the same time I was feeling suicidal, I started drawing my thoughts and feelings, and posting them on Instagram as a comic series about living with depression. I wanted to show some of the (sometimes darker) humor and absurdity in feeling sad or anxious all the time, and named my series “Just Peachy Comics.”

By Holly Chisholm