Public policy events

Our Public Policy events bring together suicide prevention advocates from every state to urge public officials to prioritize suicide prevention.

Save the date for the 11th Annual Advocacy Forum: June 22, 2020

Each year, the Advocacy Forum brings together AFSP volunteer Field Advocates from across the country together to learn about the federal policies that can save lives. Advocates will hear from members of Congress, top researchers, Veterans and other impacted by suicide on the policy areas that need your support. Learn how you can make an impact!

This year, the Forum will be held virtually via Zoom and Facebook Live. Click here for complete event details.

Make sure you are registered as a volunteer AFSP Field Advocate to receive regular updates on the virtual forum and future events, visit

State Capitol Days

Each year, State Capitol Day events bring advocates together with state and local public officials to share information and urge that suicide prevention be made a priority. Each event is customized with the help of the AFSP Public Policy Office to meet each state’s unique needs and legislative priorities. State Capitol Day events can be hosted by a single AFSP chapter, organized by several chapters within a state, or done in coordination with partner mental health and suicide prevention organizations.

In 2019, AFSP chapters hosted 46 State Capitol Day events that brought over 1,000 advocates to their state capitols, to support over 80 bills prioritizing suicide prevention and mental health. State bills have been enacted that now ban the practice of conversion therapy, require suicide prevention policies and personnel training in K-12 schools, suicide prevention on college and university campuses, and the creation of statewide suicide prevention task forces, among others. Many thanks to our advocates who made their voices heard for these events!

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