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Healing Starts with a Conversation: Finding My Purpose as a Survivor

I began to understand that my mom’s suicide wasn’t the end of my life, but the beginning of me finding my purpose. I am now the Board Chair for the Central Texas Chapter


Returning Home: The 2022 New York City Overnight Walk

I once wrote that The Overnight, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s flagship Out of the Darkness Walk event, was like coming home to a safe place. Here, those who have been affected by suicide can bring their grief and sorrow and joy and love.

By Erin Kenny, AFSP Senior Manager, Overnight Walk

Be Good to Yourself: Walking to Heal After Losing My Dad to Suicide

Growing up, my dad ended every conversation with the phrase, “Be good to yourself.” It was on his cellphone voicemail, our home phone’s voicemail, and he said it to people he had just met. My dad’s ever-present lesson in kindness and self-compassion set me on a mission to make this world a better place.

By Tara McGuire