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Research Video Spotlight: The Family as a Seatbelt

To see more, visit our Research Video page, which features short, easy-to-understand clips from some of the world’s leading suicide prevention researchers, filmed during the 2017 International Summit on Suicide Research, co-sponsored by AFSP and the International Academy of Suicide Research.


Being the Boice – That’s Voice with an Accent – for the Voiceless

Have you ever felt discriminated against? Has anyone ever told you that you can’t do something because of who you are? Do you remember what and how you felt? Do you remember what you did?

By Denisse C. Lamas, LCSW

Advocating for Suicide Prevention at AFSP’s Annual Advocacy Forum

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to hold the Advocacy Forum in Washington, D.C. this year. In lieu of being able hold the event in-person, on June 22 volunteer Field Advocates, members of Congress, and AFSP staff from across the country gathered together virtually for the 2020 Advocacy Forum.

By Chelsey Dumond, AFSP Manager of Public Policy Events and Projects

Walk to fight suicide

Walkers like us make a difference. Together we can change the conversation about mental health and put a stop to this tragic loss of life.

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The 2020 Overnight: Turning a Special Night into a Memorable Virtual Experience

The 2020 Overnight was not what we had expected it to be when we launched the event in December of 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to hold the event in-person this year. Rather than canceling, we introduced the first ever “Virtual Overnight Experience."

By Erin Kenny, AFSP Manager, Out of the Darkness Walks

The Second Half of the Sentence

If we work together to change the conversations and attitudes about mental illness in this country, we can stop saying, “I never thought…” about our family and friends.

By Alyssa Relyea

Bringing Suicide Research to Students in Texas

Upon learning about AFSP’s Research Connection program, in which suicide prevention researchers come to speak about their studies to general, lay audiences in one’s local community, it seemed fitting for me to host an event, and help to highlight the importance of suicide prevention research here at home.

By Tessa Gutierrez

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