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Together We Can

As a suicide loss survivor, I am the voice for those who can’t speak.

By Vicky Powelson

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Thanks Congress for Increasing Funding to the Fight for Suicide Prevention

AFSP has long been a supporter of suicide prevention research, and the work to expand language within the Labor-HHS bill will help support important research efforts.


Taking Care of Our Kids’ Mental Health (and Our Own) During Back-to-School Season

My concerns these days turn mostly to my children and those children around me. Kids usually approach the back-to-school season with feelings of anticipation at starting a new grade, or sadness as summer ends.

By Doreen Marshall, Ph.D., AFSP Vice President of Mission Engagement

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Walk to fight suicide

Walkers like us make a difference. Together we can change the conversation about mental health and put a stop to this tragic loss of life.

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Together to Fight Suicide: Join an Out of the Darkness Experience

Community is the heart of the Out of the Darkness Walks. Organized by teams of volunteers in 400 cities across the country, the Walks unite more than 300,000 people each year, showing the world that it’s important to talk about mental health and suicide.

By Nicole Dolan, AFSP Senior Director, Out of the Darkness Walks

Research Video Spotlight: Treating Depression Early

Gil Zalsman, M.D., MHA, of Tel Aviv University in Israel, discusses the importance of treating depression early through medication, therapy, or a combination of treatments – especially when the risk for suicide is present in a person’s genetics.


Honoring My Mother by Working Toward a World Without Suicide

My mother Helen is the reason why I fight to raise awareness of mental health and suicide prevention. Helen was an amazing mentor and confidant to me. I felt I could tell her anything.

By Kevin Poelcher

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